Tips for writing a letter of job application

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Tips for writing a letter of job application

1、 Address your letter to someone who has the authority to hire you.

2、 Show that you know something about the company by addressing some of the requirements of the job that you are applying for, and how your experience will enable you to handle what is needed.

3、 If someone in the company referred you for this job, be sure to mention this if they have good standing with the company.

4、 Express your willingness to come for an interview.

5、 Present briefly your qualifications and refer the reader to your resume.


Useful expressions


In today’s newspaper (Through…), I noticed your advertisement for… (I have learned that you are hiring…)

It  has come to my attention that the position of … is now open.

I would like to apply for ( to be considered as a candidate for) the job(post/position) advertised in…(that I saw advertised in…/I have just seen in the …)

I am interested in/seeking a challenging position in your firm.

I am writing to you to apply for…

Qualifications and experience

I feel I am well qualified (to…/ for…) for the following reasons.

I have had experience of … (done… before/studied/), therefore I may have the ability you are looking for.

Along with my education, I have had job experience which…

My interest and skill in… contribute to my qualification for this job.

Motivation and expectations

I wish to become involved in…

If such experience would be valuable to your office, I …

If my application is successful, I should /would like to…

I am available for a personal interview if you are interested in my application.

I would appreciate an interview at your convenience.

May I have an appointment with you..

Would you please call me at…

I will call your office next week to see when an interview can be arranged.


I have enclosed /attached a copy of my resume for your consideration.

I am enclosing my resume to provide further details about my experience(to give details of my responsibilities in that job).

The enclosed resume will give you the details and scope of my previous experience.

…as indicated in the enclosed resume.

…as you will note in the resume I enclose.


Some motivating introductions

The selling point opening: (answer the most important questions )

Extensive training in medical technology, more than 15 years of working in and managing research and clinic labs, and strong interpersonal skills should enable me to fulfill the responsibilities of lab coordinator in the Department of Anatomic Pathology.

My training in marketing research, my experience in international trade, and my fluency in both Chinese and English should qualify me for the position you advertised in the New York times.

The creative opening

Once a child in my own days, I have given birth to children at hospitals, raised children at home, and have been trained to take care of children’s health. I know how they feel, when they are happy, whether they are healthy, and how to make them giggle with a big smile blossoming on their faces. All these should make me a promising candidate for your pediatrics resident program.

The name opening (not back door)

Dr…., chair of the Anatomic Pathology Department, has suggested that I write to you about the supervisor position in your lab because he believed that I have the training, experience and skills to run your lab effectively.

Blaine Powell recommended I speak with you about your opening for sales manager.

Begin with a quote

"Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not." — playwright George Bernard Shaw

"There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment." — Methodist minister and author Norman Vincent Peale

"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail." — basketball coach John Wooden

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